June 5th, 2011

The Vostock (Vostok) Synth Project

Below you will find a video demo of a DIY synth project known as Vostock I.  The mis-spelling is purposeful as it turns out there already was a synthesizer called Vostok.  But I had designed this to give the impression of a control panel from the space capsule, like the one on the left here:

There was no turning back after I had painted it Soviet military green, found vintage style control knobs, and made custom Russian decals:

It was my first electronics project and it was a case of all-up testing.  I had to teach myself to solder, read electronics schematics and codes, and use a multimeter all at once.  I was stunned when the thing worked first try!!

No major musical statement being made here, just a demo of some interesting noise.