May 18th, 2013

Cayo Largo: The Shrine of the Single Shoe

April 2013. On this particular solo walk from Playa Paraiso back to home base at the Pelicano, I went up and over the hardscrabble  outcropping.  I'm thinking this may be the highest point of land on Cayo Largo. Beautiful vista. This shot is looking back towards Punta Mal Tiempo.  (This was on one of the hottest days I have ever experienced on Cayo Largo...good thing I had lots of water with me.)

Here's a shot in the other direction, towards Lindamar and the hotels.


On the other side of the outcropping, back on the beach.  What"s this???!!!  A most unexpected sight:  The Shrine of the Single Shoe!


Who put this here and who maintains it in such tidy array? And for whose benefit?  Mine?   Another magic mystery of Cayo Largo.