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Assorted Iguanas of Cayo Largo

There are lots of things to love about Cayo Largo.  The ubiquitous iguanas, for instance never fail to amuse me.  Here's some I met on my last visit, which was April 2 to 16th 2011.

The Nudist Iguana:

This one always hung around the clothing optional section of the beach at Playa Blanca, for whatever the reason might be.  A healthy specimen who would run off any other iguanas who tried to share the cliff.  Note that this one is indeed nude, and since some of the humans in this section of the beach were also, the pictures can't really show much context.  Take my word that he is sunning right amongst the paying guests.

The Touristo Iguana.

This lad prefers the paved walkways and shade of the pool area to the blazing sun, cliffs and dunes most of his scaley kin frequent.  Here he saunters past the book exchange towards the games hut.  A day later he wandered over to the child-minding hut for a visit with the kiddies, and me with no camera at that point.

Intransigent Iguana

One lovely afternoon I wandered far down the beach to a secluded area with no one around.  I intended to travel somewhat light for a bit so I left most of my gear on a beach chair some like-minded person had hauled all the way out there, and continued on down the beach with only my water bottle and camera.  That's the kind of thing you can do on Cayo Largo.

When i returned, I discovered that this iguana had also taken a liking to the sunny ledge and was parked right by my stuff, blocking access.  And he wasn't moving.  He began by regarding me dismissively but shot a glare when I attempted to move towards my gear.  I began to feel a little uneasy around the prehistoric beast.

As you can see here I ended up crawling up the dune some distance way, approaching the cache from behind and keeping the chair between us, retreating sheepishly back the same way.  iguana never budged.

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